Word-of-Mouth vs Online Reviews

  It wasn’t so long ago that word-of-mouth was the single most important way to market your business as well as building your reputation and attracting new customers. Even as recently as 2007, a study found that word-of-mouth was far more credible to consumers than online reviews. Whilst some businesses may still feel that way,

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How to use Customer Reviews for the Good Insights they Provide

    Regular readers of our blogs will know that we are passionate believers in the power of online reviews and how collecting and sharing them online can help to grow your business. Equally, we’re also extremely committed to ensuring that those using a review strategy as a part of their business promotion, respond to

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How can you Avoid Review Collection Burnout?

  So, you know that reviews are great for your business, and you’ve been eagerly beavering away collecting them, but maybe you’re beginning to run out of steam?   Perhaps a couple of customers have said, “Yes, I’ll leave you a review” but then haven’t done so. Some customers might of even just said no…

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Are Fake Reviews Really Illegal?

  Headlines such as ‘Government to make fake reviews illegal’ have certainly brought fresh attention back onto the subject of fake reviews. As regular readers of our blog will know we’ve published blogs on fake reviews previously and, as you might expect, there are certainly lots of opinions and information about fake reviews online, along

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Have Online Reviews Become More Popular?

With more and more businesses undoubtedly using online reviews to transform the way they build awareness, raise their profile, increase footfall and, ultimately, drive sales, we wanted to look at the trends that are emerging within the wonderful world of online reviews.     Recently, Dealerscope published an article which said that the volume of online

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Can You Turn a Negative Review into a Positive for Your Business?

We were recently reading a rather fabulous article which had the title “9 in 10 customers more likely to overlook a negative review if the business responds adequately, Yelp says”.     As regular readers of our blog will know, we’ve shared our thoughts on responding to negative online reviews before as well as written

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Reputations are built on happy customers

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