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How can Trustist Help me?

Trustist helps you by providing you with a centralised platform for your reviews, aggregating them from various sources to provide a comprehensive view of your online reputation. We enhance your online visibility on Google Search, helping you stand out from competitors with stars against your listings. We simplify the collection of customer reviews with custom review links and QR codes, streamlining the process for your customers to leave reviews. Your best 4-5 star reviews are automatically shared to your social media profiles, ensuring your reviews are visible wherever you are online. Trustist review widgets prominently showcase your overall star rating and recent reviews on your website, allowing prospective customers to instantly trust your credibility.

Trustist aggregates all of your customer reviews from any review site and puts them all into one account for you. All you have to do is place one of our widgets on your website and the stars will start to appear in your organic Google search results!

You can use your unique Trustist review collection link to ask customers to leave you a Google review. If they don’t have their Google login details available, they can leave you a white-label review without needing to log in. This means that you can ensure you are not missing out on any opportunities to collect great reviews! When someone leaves you a white-label review, they are then sent an email asking them to leave their feedback on Google too.

When you collect Trustist reviews the markup that gets sent back to your website pages will tell Google to display stars in your organic Google search results. This markup will tell Google lots of other important information about where you are and who you service to help with your organic Google ranking.

Your reviews will already be location/branch specific, but if you would like to specify the service the review applies to you can use tags within your account. These tags can then be used to display specific reviews on certain pages of your website.

In your Trustist account, you are able to respond to any Trustist or Google reviews you receive. These responses are displayed publicly with your reviews on your website, on our website, and on Google.

Through Trustist you can use your reviews to keep your social media pages up-to-date. When you switch on Auto Post in your account, any 4 or 5-star reviews you collect will be automatically posted out onto Facebook, Twitter and Google Posts.

Unfortunately, Google does not allow any websites to get stars against homepages in organic Google search results. However, as the code is added to every other page of your site, those pages will be able to display stars in your organic Google search results. It is these pages which, once they have stars, will start to attract more traffic and that’s where the increases in clicks occurs. At the same time, because your Page Authorities will increase, so too will your Domain Authority, which should help your homepage rank better too. 

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