Getting Started with Trustist – The Onboarding Process

If you understand the power of online reviews, and like the thought of working with Trustist to help you powerfully support your online review strategy but wonder just what the onboarding process is all about, this blog may help! One of our most recent new clients, The Awards People, kindly shared their thoughts and observations

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The Importance of Google Reviews and why You Should be Collecting Them

  How Important are Google Reviews?   Nigel Apperley, Trustist’s Chief Executive Officer, trialled several review platforms during his time as head of E-commerce at Kwik Fit.  None of these platforms had a positive impact on revenues so Nigel decided to focus on collecting just Google reviews across 40 different Kwik Fit branches. All 40

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How Important is Social Proof?

  Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon whereby people are confirmed to be liked by, similar to, or accepted by the influencer or wider society.   For instance, when you’re browsing the internet and you see a testimonial, that’s social proof. When you see someone you respect and/or an industry expert using a certain product

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Multi-award-winning Company First to Launch Video Review Feature

Trustist, the multi-award-winning innovative York-based company, has announced the launch of a brand-new video review feature for clients. Nigel Apperley, Founder and CEO of Trustist, spoke about the launch and said: “At Trustist, we’re constantly involved in research and development to ensure that we’re offering the very best and most powerful product to our customers.

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Vital Things You Need to Know About Review Gating

In this article we look at Review Gating and what happens if you do it.  This is looked at from an overall SEO point of view.     Review gating is simply the pre-qualification of reviews.  Low rated reviews are then not published in to the overall review score for a business.  Sometimes the pre-qualification

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Reputations are built on happy customers

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