4 Crucial Things You Need to Know About Google My Business

Having a solid presence in Google is key to a business’ success, not least because it is the most used search engine in the world.  In fact, as of December 2018, NetMarketShare reported that 73.62% of all searches were powered by Google.     Given Google is the Biggest Search Engine, how can businesses compete

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The 28 Year History of QR Codes and What Lies in the Future for Them

  Although not everyone knows it, QR codes have a long and varied history.     In fact, its invention dates all the way back to 1994. A Japanese company called Denso Wave Incorporated created a barcode that could be scanned by mobile phones and other devices with cameras. It didn’t take long for other

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The Interesting 4,000 Year History of Reviews You Didn’t Know

Reviews Have Been Around Longer Than You Might Think     The history of reviews goes back centuries, some of the earliest recorded instances of customer feedback comes from ancient Greece! Back in 1750BC, the first documented case of a customer complaint was chiselled onto a clay tablet. The customer, Nanni, unimpressed by the service and the

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4 Ways You can Really Boost Your Review Collection Efforts

  So, you’ve got your Trustist account all set up and you’re starting to collect reviews, but what do you do now? The answer might seem obvious, but it really is simple – just keep going!     Google Reviews, Google Reviews, Google Reviews   The quality and quantity of your Google reviews is one

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How do 3-Star Reviews Weigh up Against Your Best Customer Feedback?

Whilst online reviews, and how to use them, can be confusing for many businesses, something everyone knows for certain is that 1 and 2-star reviews portray a negative experience, whereas 4 and 5-star reviews highlight the very best of a business. So, where does that leave middle of the road, lukewarm 3-star reviews and how

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Reputations are built on happy customers

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