Aggregated Reviews

Aggregated reviews enable you to monitor and manage your reputation from a single dashboard

We aggregate your reviews from any review site that you choose to use. This means that every customer review that you’ve ever collected will be stored in one dashboard, giving you the opportunity to monitor everything in one place and get an overview of your complete online reputation.

‘If you were to increase your conversion rate a single percentage point from 1% to 2%, you could double your revenue – eclipse’

Which Review Sites?

There are thousands of review sites available for different types of businesses and we can include any reviews that are publicly available in your overall aggregation. Through this aggregation, you’re able to make the most of every review that you collect, regardless of the review site it is left on.

Aggregated reviews from multiple review sites

Case Study

M.K Ginder & Sons

Time spent on website up by 1,050% from 1.5 minutes to 11.5 minutes!

Sales up by 15% and a staggering 5,455% ROI!

Trustist's two-tier aggregation

Two-Tier of Aggregated Reviews

Two tier aggregated reviews provide powerful insights, which allow you to compare performance in different locations

In your Trustist account there will be two-tiers of aggregation. The first tier is at location level, which will include all of the reviews collected by a specific location or office. The second tier is your brand level aggregation which is the combination of all of the reviews collected across every location in which you operate.

This two-tier aggregation allows you to see how different locations are performing in comparison with each other, which can be extremely useful for identifying points of success, or areas for improvement in your business. 

Aggregation Widget

We then provide you with pieces of code for the website corresponding to the two-tier aggregation. The first pieces of code are for individual location pages and will display the location level aggregation on the page for customers to see, and this will also be used to get the location pages stars in organic search results. Secondly, you will be given a piece of code showing your entire online reputation which can be used to get stars in organic search results for any other pages on your website.

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