See Your Entire Online Reputation in One Place

With an aggregated review score, no matter how many different places you collect reviews, you can view, manage and display your true online reputation from one dashboard.

Displaying reviews can increase sales by 270% on average

How Online Reviews Influence Sales by Spiegel Research Centre

Customer Review Sites

Which Review Sites?

There are thousands of sites out there for each sector to use! With Trustist you can bring all of your hard-earned reviews together in one place – no matter where they’re from.

You can also collect reviews for these sites directly from your white-labelled review screen!

Aggregated review score, multiple review sites

Reputation Management

Your True Rating Revealed

See your aggregated rating across all sources to understand your true overall reputation online. Don’t miss representing your full online presence with reviews and ratings spread across the web.

Stars in Google Search

Stand out on Google

Star ratings in organic Google search results improve your search ranking, make your listing stand out from the competition and prove to people straight away that your brand is to be trusted.

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Stars on Google maps

Review Aggregation

Tiered for Multi-Location Insight

Our two-tier aggregation allows you to monitor brand and location-level review bases to target improvements exactly where they’re needed. Identify your highest, or lowest, performing areas and see how they can improve!

Customer Review Widgets

Aggregation Widget

Our review widgets allow people on your website to view your entire reputation easily in one glance – this means visitors stay longer on your website and get access to your reviews, helping to build their trust in your site.

Trustist dashboard, widgets and aggregated review score

Trustist Review Widgets

Widget Variations

We offer a range of different review widgets to suit your website and preferences, so there is always a suitable option to help you keep users where you need them – right on your website, where they can easily get in touch with you!

How it Works

1. Add the Sites You Have Reviews on
When you sign up, let us know where else you have reviews and we’ll pull them over

2. Add the Reviews Widget
Having a review widget as prominent as possible on your website has great benefits

3. Get Results
Watch your website traffic and conversions rise as you collect and display more customer reviews

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