Modifying Trustist Widgets

Trustist offer various modifier options so that you can alter the features of the widget to suit your own website.

Instructions for Configuring the On-page Widget

Here are some examples of how the widget can be modified:

Most Popular – Rounded Corners

To use our most popular combination – rounded corners and a suppression of the ‘leave a review’ link – please use the following modifiers.

<div ts-widget=”” ts-suppress-review-link=”true” ts-border-radius=”15px”></div>


Review Link Font

If you would like to change the font of your review link, you can do so using the modifier below.

<div ts-widget=”” ts-review-link-font-family=”Times New Roman, sans-serif”></div>


Review Link Colour

You can also change the colour of your review link using the modifier below.

<div ts-widget=”” ts-review-link-colour=”#ff0000″></div>


Rounded Corners

To give your widget rounded corners, please use the modifier below.

<div ts-widget=”” ts-border-radius=”25px” ts-review-links=”all”></div>

Also shown is the ‘all’ modifier which allows visitors to your website to click on the icons under the widget and go directly to Google, Facebook, Trustist and other sites to leave a review directly.


Big Stars and Rounded Corners

If you want big stars and rounded corners, but don’t want the ‘leave a review’ link on your widget then the modifier is:

<div ts-widget=”big” ts-suppress-review-link=”true” ts-review-links=”all” ts-border-radius=”15px”></div> 


Review Link Background Colour

To change the background colour of your review link, please use the modifier below.

<div ts-widget=”” ts-review-link-background-colour=”#1F62AC” ts-review-link-colour=”#FFFFFF″></div>


Suppressed ‘Leave a Review Link’

To remove the ‘leave a review’ link entirely, please use the modifier below.

<div ts-widget=”” ts-suppress-review-link=”true” ></div>


Small Widget

If you would prefer a smaller widget.

<div ts-widget=”small”></div>


Small Widget with Rounded Corners and Suppressed Review Link

You can also have the rounded corners and suppressed review link on the small widget.

<div ts-widget=”small” ts-suppress-review-link=”true” ts-border-radius=”15px”></div>


URL Modifier 1

If you would prefer, you can ensure that every part of the widget links back to the list of your reviews on (clicking the rating will already take you there).

<div ts-widget=”” ts-view-link=”reviews”></div>


URL Modifier 2

If you would like to link the widget back to your own reviews page on your website, please use the modifier below and enter the chosen URL.

<div ts-widget ts-reviews-url=”{reviewPageUrl}”></div>


URL Modifier 3

If you would like all clickable parts of the widget to go through to the same place, use the following modifier in your code.

<div ts-widget ts-view-link=”same”></div>


Default Starbar

If you want to use a more minimalist widget, then the starbar is for you!

<div ts-widget=”starbar”></div>


Starbar 10

We also have other starbar sizes available:

<div ts-widget=”starbar10″></div>


Starbar 12

<div ts-widget=”starbar12″></div>


Starbar 20

<div ts-widget=”starbar20″></div>


Starbar 25

<div ts-widget=”starbar25″></div>


Starbar 50

<div ts-widget=”starbar50″></div>


Starbar Caption

The caption displayed on your starbar widget can also be customised:

<div ts-widget=”starbar20″ ts-caption=”Based on {{reviewCount}} reviews”></div>


Review Link Changes

You can also change the shape and text of your ‘leave a review’ link using the modifiers below.

<div ts-widget=”” ts-review-link-margin-top=”10px” ts-review-link-border-radius=”15px” ts-review-link-background-colour=”black” ts-review-link-colour=”#7cf206″ ts-border-radius=”15px”></div>



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