Guest Blog – Club Hub: Are Reviews Important in the Children’s Activities Sector?


Clubs, classes and activities for children are so important and beneficial for so many various reasons. Children’s activities provide fun and motivating ways for children to learn, play, develop new skills and gain new and exciting experiences. 

Furthermore, children’s activities can help to enhance their academic abilities, as well as their social skills. There are so many children’s activities around, so getting people to know about your class/group or activity can be a minefield in itself! 



In this blog we will explore one of the questions that many Club Hub members ask us: 

“Are reviews important for my business?” 


What is Club Hub?




Club Hub is a Kid’s Activity Directory where parents can find all types of activities for babies, children and teens from 0-18. 

It now receives over 200,000 views every month and has thousands of Kids Clubs, baby classes, and Children’s Activities registered who are Club Hub Members.

These children’s activities offer baby/toddler classes, indoor activities for kids, gymnastics classes, things to do with kids, indoor play areas, and kids activity boxes available to order online and more.

When browsing a directory such as Club Hub and finding a class that parents want to take their child to, parents might want to find out more about the class itself. Many members have asked us “Are reviews really that important?”, and they want to understand why they play such a big role.


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Why are Reviews So Important?

Reviews can be a fantastic way for parents to find an unbiased view of that class or activity – if parents see lots of trusted reviews then they are more likely to choose that children’s activity as they know what to expect. 

We really encourage our members to get customers to leave them feedback and reviews, as this is a great way to help others find you and also understand what your class or activity is about from another parent’s point of view.

So, let’s take a further look at the question “Are reviews important?”. Reviews are not just important for prospective parents, but equally important for the children’s activity provider themselves – Google will rank your business higher in the search results if you have reviews, and reviews can help to increase your SEO performance.

Additionally, if you as the children’s activities provider/business owner reply to these reviews, it shows you care and therefore it is a really good thing to do. The way this works is that the more Google reviews you have on your website, the more likely it is for Google’s algorithm to boost your site’s SEO and in turn this can increase engagement. In practice, this means if someone were browsing online for kids dance classes, sports clubs, or even music classes, then someone sees that one class has more reviews (or more positive reviews) than another class, they may well be more inclined to choose the class with more reviews as they may feel that business is more trusted. 

Google doesn’t display all reviews on the search preview, and instead selects certain reviews based on their quality and relevancy as well as how recent they are (the fresher they are, the better). So, if you are actively encouraging people who use your service to leave reviews then you will stand out on the internet above people who don’t utilise this. 

The more reviews you have, the more trust you are building. If other parents are happy to verify their child has had fun or they have had a good experience at your class, then the more likely it would be for another parent who may have felt a little hesitant to come somewhere for the first time to sign up. For example, if a parent with anxiety hasn’t been to a mum and baby class before, they are likely to look on Google to find out more about the class before they go. If they see reviews about how welcoming the group is then they are more likely to feel more at ease and visit that class as opposed to one without any reviews or ratings.


Club Hub and Trustist


So, hopefully we have been able to answer “Are reviews important? However the next question understandably may be, “Where should I encourage parents to leave these reviews?”. There are many places you can ask parents to leave reviews such as on your website, on social media, or even Google. However, this can be a little bit confusing for you to monitor and even more confusing for the parent. 

For example, a parent may have had a really nice time at your group and say they will leave you a review on Google or on social media but then forget, or struggle to find your listing. Parents are genuinely very busy and may not have the time to trawl the internet to find out how to leave you a review! 


Trustist is a fantastic platform to keep all your reviews in one place, not only for parents/carers to read but also for people to leave reviews as well. Instead of having numerous links there is just one link you have to share for parents to leave reviews.

Trustist can be used as a closed platform, which stops brand damage through fake reviews from people who aren’t even clients. Genuine customers can leave you a review with personalised links that you can use in emails, text messages, or even face to face.

With Trustist you can even share reviews on social media automatically. As mentioned previously, reviews can also boost your Google rankings and SEO – Trustist will get you stars in your organic Google search results to drive more traffic to your website, and they can do this for you even if you only have 1 review on any customer review platform that exists!


4 reviews for Club Hub on the Trustist Reviews listing widget


We hope that this blog has helped to answer “Are reviews important for my business?”. When you put so much hard work into your classes, clubs or children’s activities, it is only right that other people can spread the word about what a fantastic job you are doing and you can start utilising a platform such as Trustist to give you easier control over those reviews. You can book a demo or even speak to our Director Tessa Robinson about how fantastic using a platform Trustist is for in the children’s activity sector.


If you enjoy using Club Hub please do leave us a review!

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