How will QR Codes be Used Post-COVID-19?

Despite being around for years, during COVID-19 QR codes enjoyed something of a renaissance. In fact, you could go as far as to say that COVID-19 has given new purpose to the much-maligned QR codes as they’ve taken their place as a rather elegant enabler of contactless commerce. Businesses have used QR Codes for contactless

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What are the Implications of Leaving a Bad Review?

The implications of leaving a bad review may have crossed your mind before, but what can a company actually do if they don’t like the feedback you’ve left them?   What is the difference between a negative and defamatory review?   In short, a bad review is only defamatory if a false statement is made

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How to use the Tools Google Provide

This blog is all about the tools Google provide, for free, which can seriously help your business grow and your online review strategy to blossom. We’ll be taking a quick look at four specific Google tools and giving you a little more detail on what they are, where you can find them and how they

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UK Firms Caught Buying Fake 5-star Google Reviews

Source Which? has exposed a group of paid reviewers providing fake reviews to lots of UK businesses on Google, ranging from home improvement services to stockbrokers. Which? set up a fake business and bought these fake reviews to see how some businesses are using shortcuts to get a good customer rating. It’s important to note

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Why are Verified Reviews Important?

With more and more online reviews being written, the importance of reviews has become very apparent with 97% of consumers saying that the reviews they read influence their purchasing decisions. But did you know that 27% of people will trust online reviews only if they believe they are authentic? The same report also states that

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Writing Fake Online Reviews Could be Made Illegal

Source   As a review platform, you’ve probably heard us talk about fake reviews pretty frequently. But today, we bring you some promising news! The government have outlined some plans to make it illegal for businesses to both write and host fake online reviews.   And it’s about time!   ‘Cowboy builders aren’t welcome’  

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