Which Tone is Best to use When Asking Customers to Leave a Review in 2024?

Over the time you’ve worked together, you’ve got to know your customer fairly well – irrespective of whether this is their first purchase or their thirty-first purchase. You’ve provided outstanding service and/or a product that they absolutely love… so the next step is to ask them for a review!

This really shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do but sometimes we notice that our clients overthink this next, crucial step. What’s holding them back? Well, quite often it’s a concern about intruding into their customer’s day. However, if you’ve already provided fantastic service and/or a product they adore it’s extremely likely that your customer won’t mind in the least helping you out and sharing their experience via a review. In fact, more often than not, they’ll be thrilled that you ask.

So, how do you ask?

Tone of voice

First of all, we’d suggest you think about how your customers like to be spoken to. It’s likely you’ll have already spoken to them either face-to-face, over the phone, via email or, possibly, via social media. You’ll have built up that all important rapport with them so use that same tone and language with them now. If you’re tone is informal, continue in that vein; if your tone is more formal then keep that tone going.


In a previous blog, we suggested asking your customers to review your business at the point where they’ve just finished their purchase of your product or service. However, if that isn’t possible and you need to approach them afterwards via text, email or social media some example introduction lines could include;

  • “How did we do?”
  • “We’d love to hear your feedback!”
  • “Do you have a minute to share your experience with [INSERT YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE]?”
  • “We really want your feedback…” or “We really value your feedback…”

We hope you can feel the subtle differences between each of the four above examples. We expect you’ll have some suggestions of your own too and that’s great because they should fit perfectly with how you speak to your customers ordinarily.

Always remember to use your Trustist issued review link so all your great feedback can count towards your review total and overall star-rating!


If you’re still defining your tone of voice then do consider that the tone you settle upon (supportive, understanding, sympathetic, excited, positive, educational, authoritative, witty/funny etc.) should be used across all the mediums you use to communicate with your customers, from your website text, through to adverts, your social media posts and blogs, through to how you answer the phone.

Keeping your tone of voice consistent is absolutely key to building your brand and the reputation you have with your customers… and that includes asking for and responding to your next customer review!

Speaking of which… isn’t it time you asked for your next review… right now?

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