The first ever Trustist Awards took place just last week, with the winners receiving their award badges on 31/03/2021 – did you win any of the awards?


There were 7 different categories, and no limits to how many businesses could win each award. There were also no limits to how many awards each business could win and with each category being split further down into bronze, silver, gold and diamond, there was certainly plenty to go after!


The Award Categories


The criteria for each award were set based on review collection on Trustist and Google. As we know how important Google is for businesses, and how many clients are collecting as many Google reviews as possible, we definitely felt like this deserved a reward! Google reviews are the most important for your ongoing SEO strategy, your website traffic and your conversions!


Given how much evidence there has been to suggest that reviews have helped businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was incredible to see just how many clients won awards, even in such a tough year.


Several of the awards were for location level, with many individual branches winning their own award separate from the entire business. We really wanted to acknowledge how each individual location can play a huge role in the reputation of an overall brand!


There were also awards for brand level, which were open to any and all clients! These awards celebrated the progress each Trustist client made in 2020, which was incredibly impressive given the difficulties that we all faced in 2020 and continue to face in 2021.


We certainly couldn’t forget some categories for the franchise networks we work with, and as a result, many franchisors and franchisees came away with multiple awards each!


The full breakdown of the categories can be found here.


The Winners


We were blown away by just how many clients won awards. In fact, we sent out over 1,900 awards on Wednesday!


It’s been amazing to see the response from clients so far too. We know that 2020 was a difficult one for all of our clients so it was brilliant to be able to acknowledge the amazing work that has been done in spite of the turbulent working conditions.


Next Year


The Trustist Awards will be back next year so to make sure you’re a winner collect as many Google and Trustist reviews as you can between now and then!


Hopefully, when the awards come around next year, the standards will be even higher as the world gradually begins to return to normal and businesses can start operating fully. Now is the time to be collecting more reviews than ever! In fact, we even did a blog article recently about how COVID-19 has changed the world of reviews and this can be found here.

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