Bulk Uploads on Google My Business

When you maintain your Google My Business, have you ever sat there adding address after address, phone number after phone number, location after location and wondered if this seemingly infinite task will ever end?


Rest assured, we have an answer to this very problem – bulk uploads!


That’s right! You can enter all the details necessary into an Excel sheet and import it to your Google My Business in one go!


Why Bulk Upload Things?

The most obvious answer to this would be that by uploading things in bulk, you’re instantly saving yourself a lot of time.  All the information is in one place and you don’t have to switch through different tabs and windows to find the information you need. You may even already have all the details in a spreadsheet anyway, making the process of importing it even quicker and even easier!


How do I Bulk Upload on Google My Business?

First things first, you need to login to your Google My Business and choose the account you’d like to manage. Then in the top right-hand corner, press ‘Add business’ and select ‘Import businesses’ from the drop down.

Google My Business Homepage

Then, a little window will appear with different options.

  • Click ‘Download the template’ to download a blank spreadsheet
  • If you’d like to see an example of a completed spreadsheet, press ‘Download sample spreadsheet’
  • And, if you’re wanting to learn what details you can use to describe your business, click ‘Download attributes reference spreadsheet’

GMB Bulk Upload Option Menu


To import a spreadsheet you already have, you need to click the blue ‘Select file’ button and choose the appropriate file to upload. Please note that it’s crucial to make sure you follow the template otherwise this will not work!


Below is a list of fields that you will have to fill out (in order):

  1. Shop Code
  2. Business Name
  3. Address Line 1
  4. Address Line 2
  5. Address Line 3
  6. Address Line 4
  7. Address Line 5
  8. Sub-locally
  9. Locally
  10. Administrative area
  11. Country/Region
  12. Postcode
  13. Latitude
  14. Longitude
  15. Primary phone
  16. Additional phones
  17. Website
  18. Primary category
  19. Additional categories
  20. Sunday hours
  21. Monday hours
  22. Tuesday hours
  23. Wednesday hours
  24. Thursday hours
  25. Friday hours
  26. Saturday hours
  27. Special hours
  28. From the business
  29. Opening date
  30. Logo photo
  31. Cover photo
  32. Other photos
  33. Labels
  34. AdWords location extensions phone

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