Would Your Website Benefit from Third Party Reviews?

Third party reviews may significantly improve your online performance and position within the search results. They could provide your company with:

  • Free advertising and content on another site
  • Improved customer trust and confidence
  • An improved conversion rate
  • Better rankings on search engines
  • Improved credibility

If you run a business that has an online presence, the displaying of customer reviews on your website can be very valuable. The more online reviews, the better; customers read an average of ten pieces of feedback before they use a product or service.

The term “third-party reviews” refers to feedback left by customers on dedicated platforms such as Tripadvisor, Google and Yelp, and even on social media review platforms like Facebook Business.

So why are independent consumer reviews and star ratings so useful – and why should you show them on your website?

Free advertising and content on another site

Any SEO specialist will tell you the importance of creating a broad reach. Having a presence on multiple review platforms provides a great way of spreading your brand’s name across the internet.

The more up-to-date mentions your company achieves from different content sources, the better its performance will be in both global and local search, seeing you climb higher and higher up the rankings.

If you attract positive feedback regularly, visitors to the review sites on which you appear will feel encouraged to use your business. These types of review amount to great advertising – with the added benefit that they’re free!

Improved customer trust and confidence

Increasing numbers of consumers trust online reviews as a great source of unbiased information. We often look to our peers for guidance, as we know their recommendations are often well tailored to our tastes.

According to the theory of “social proof” developed by psychologist Robert Cialdini, the more we see others behaving in a certain way or taking a specific action, the more likely we are to do it ourselves.

Having significant numbers of good ratings and reviews on a variety of third party sites makes it more likely that potential customers will follow the lead of the reviewers and give you a try. This is because social proof builds trust and confidence.

So, if you receive positive third-party reviews from all your clients, not only may those reviews attract more custom due to their nature, but the fact that they exist may automatically encourage more of your customers to leave feedback.

An improved conversion rate

Your website should be well-optimised, with great descriptions of your products and services. This content alone should be enough to pique a visitor’s interest, but most consumers need that little extra push to be sure you’ll deliver exactly what they want.

If a potential customer can visit your site and immediately see numerous great reviews from others, they’re far more likely to take action as a result of the trust this builds.

Better rankings on search engines

Because every additional piece of feedback amounts to new online content, having third-party reviews displayed on your website will influence search engines. The more regularly and consistently this new content is added, the higher up the results you will climb.

Improved credibility

Credibility is vital when it comes to attracting more custom, and inviting consumers to weigh in on the quality of your products and services can help to improve your standing in the eyes of potential customers.

Consumers like to be able to read about real life experiences when selecting a brand, and even negative or contrary reviews can help with this.

If you are good at handling feedback that is less than glowing – for example, by responding to poor reviews quickly and effectively and finding a way of resolving any issue – readers of your reviews may be impressed by your ability to take responsibility for your actions.

Reviews also provide an opportunity for your company to correspond publicly with their clients. If you show that you’re willing to take suggestions on board or directly respond to feedback, your credibility will receive a significant boost.

To enhance this effect, companies should respond to both positive and negative reviews, ensuring that all customers know their voices will be heard.

Remember, it’s not just the main body of your website that can benefit from displaying third party reviews. You can add feedback and star ratings to your rich snippets on Google too, using Google My Business.

So in order to benefit from free advertising, regularly updated online content, greater customer trust, improved conversions, better search rankings and greater credibility, why not show third-party feedback on your website?

The first step in your review collection will involve making sure you have detailed accounts on all major platforms. Google My Business, Facebook Business, Tripadvisor and Yelp are great examples.

Once you have done this, a widget from Trustist will allow you to automatically collect and display the reviews you receive on your site.

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