Will Social Media Grow my Business?

Social media is probably the most widely known term amongst modern and urban civilisation.  In fact, according to We Are Social, nearly 60% of the world’s population is online which equates to a staggering 4.68 billion people.

For a business, that could be seen as 4.68 billion potential and existing customers so therefore, covering social media and using it to its full potential can be extremely beneficial.

In this article we’re going to look at how you can use social media to get feedback, which can then be used to generate more sales by helping you to get stars in your natural search results through a Trustist account.

Business Profiles

One of the first things to do when entering the world of social media is to set up a business profile. This will help to give you a professional appearance whilst still being able to communicate with your new and existing customers.

In order to use social media to your business’ advantage, you need to know your audience. Think about who will be viewing your business profile, what questions they may ask about your organisation, and what you’d like them to know. You need to keep it professional whilst also being friendly and inviting so potential customers understand and respect the relationship you’d like to build with them.

It’s also just as important to avoid inundating your audience with unnecessary information that causes them to lose interest, a profile for your website should be short and easy to read. You can assume that the users reading the page are not yet familiar with the business, so you should ensure that the details on your profile are complete, informative and that they match your website and other online profiles.

Collecting Local Reviews

Social media is the perfect place for collecting customer reviews, especially with so many people using it. The first step is to allow people to review your business on these platforms. For example, after setting up your business’ page on Facebook, make sure that reviews have been enabled in settings.

Having a review base on social media helps you to take up even more space and show your great feedback to potential clients who may have come across your page via social media. Many people trust social media reviews as they can see exactly who left them, increasing the belief that they are genuine.

Reviews left on social media can also be brought into your Trustist account so that they contribute to your overall review count and rating score which is displayed in the widget on your website. This widget then adds Structured Data to your pages, causing stars to display with your listings in natural search results and helping you to stand out from your competition and increase the amount of traffic your website receives.

Auto Post

Through your Trustist account, you can also enable our Auto Post feature. Auto Post takes any 4 or 5 star reviews and shares them out onto your social media platforms automatically! Sharing these reviews onto Facebook, Twitter and as Google Posts allows you to amplify the value of each review you receive by ensuring it is seen by as many people as possible.

Auto Post is limited to two reviews in any 24-hours, so it is a great way to automatically create extra content for your social media pages without getting in the way of any other posts you wish to do.

Reputations are built on happy customers

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