Why Your Google My Business Listing may not be Showing on Google Maps

When you create a Google My Business listing for your business, it should show up in the Google Maps section of search.  There are a few different reasons why this may not happen with your listing:

  1. Your Google My Business listing is not verified
  2. You lack location authority in Google Maps
  3. Your GMB listing is suspended
  4. You’ve relocated your business

Your Google My Business Listings is not Verified

Even if you have created the listing and added all of the relevant information, your business will not appear in the Maps section of Google Search until it is verified.  There are several methods that can be used to verify your Google My Business listing:

  • By Mail
  • By Phone (only available for some businesses)
  • By Email (only available for some businesses)
  • Instantly verify your listing (only available for some businesses)
  • Bulk verification (only available for businesses with 10+ locations)

By Mail

To verify your listing by mail, you must have an address entered in your Google My Business account.  Google will then send you a postcard to that address (they usually arrive within 14 days) which has a verification code on it.  This code can then be entered by logging into your Google My Business and clicking ‘verify location’.

By Phone

If you are eligible to verify your listing by phone, you’ll have a ‘Verify by phone’ option when you request verification.  Selecting this option will mean that the verification code is sent to your phone via an automated message, and you then need to enter the verification code in your Google My Business account.

By Email

Selecting the email verification option (if you are eligible for it) will mean the code is sent to the email address that you used when setting your Google My Business listing up.

Instant Verification

If you’ve already got a verified business listing in the Google My Business account you are using, you may be able to verify new listings instantly due to having previously completed the verification process for your other locations/listings.

Bulk Verification

If you have more than 10 listings/locations for the same business within your Google My Business account there is a chance that you will be able to verify them in bulk, rather than one-by-one.

For more information on verifying your listing, please click here.

You Lack Location Authority in Google Maps

Location authority is a phrase used to describe the ranking power for a local business in Google Maps.  Put simply, the more location authority you have, the higher your listing will rank in Google local search results.

One of the best ways to increase your location authority is by ensuring your listing is as accurate and complete as possible.  This includes making sure the information on your listing about your business is correct, such as:

  • Business name (and spelling)
  • Business address
  • Contact information

Ensuring this information is consistent across all platforms not only helps with your Google My Business listing, it can also benefit you in other ways across Google search results.  These gains can all lead to more traffic and enquiries you’ll get from people who come across your business.

Your Google My Business Listing is Suspended

There are many reasons why your Google My Business listing could be suspended:

  • The information on your listing has been updated recently and Google is still verifying the change.
  • Google is questioning the location of your business (this will usually lead to them requesting a picture of your location).
  • You used a forwarding URL as the URL reference in your listing.
  • You are using a virtual office location such as a P.O. Box.
  • You don’t have a physical business location

Currently, the only way to enquire about the suspension (and change it) is to contact Google.

You’ve Relocated Your Business

Many businesses that relocate forget to update their address on their various online platforms, such as Google My Business.  If Google picks up that you have moved, but you haven’t updated your information accordingly, this can lead to your listing getting suspended.

It is important to ensure that you keep your information, including your address, up-to-date on your Google My Business listing.  It is also worth noting that Google may request for you to re-verify the listing when you change the address.

Source: https://bippermedia.com/not-showing-up-in-google-maps/

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