Why is it Important to Respond to Customer Reviews in 2024?

One of the easiest ways to increase customer trust and maintain your brand’s reputation is through responding to the feedback you receive online. Responding to local reviews gives you an additional opportunity to show your professionalism and excellent customer service. However, most businesses simply do not respond to their reviews and many only respond to the negative reviews they receive.

Why Should You Respond to Your Customer Reviews?

It is important to respond to reviews because it helps to build a positive relationship between you and your customer and, with this relationship being displayed publicly, it will show potential customers the great service they’d also receive.   

Did you know that 89% of consumers will read a business’ response to both good and bad online reviews? Studies have also shown that just a ‘thank you’ has little effect but this doesn’t mean you need to sit and spend hours crafting the perfect response! To help make sure customers feel their feedback is valued we suggest that you make sure your replies are tailored to that person – including their name or details of their specific experience.

Acknowledging and responding to all reviews, regardless of whether they are positive or negative helps to show that your clients are all equally as important to you.

Best Practices for Responding to Customer Reviews

When responding to reviews, it is essential to remain neutral whilst simultaneously promoting your business in a positive light. It’s extremely important that you try and empathise with what your customer has said and, if it’s bad, offer a solution for them.

Another tip for handling bad reviews is to reply in a timely manner. If you need, take time to come up with a suitable response but don’t leave it for too long as the quicker you are to reply, the more your customer will be satisfied and potential customers can see that the upkeep of your service and customer care is important to you. 

Can I Respond to Customer Reviews Through Trustist?

Through your Trustist account, you can easily see, manage, and respond to the Trustist and Google reviews you have received from your customers. There is also advice included within the dashboard for how to respond to each review you receive. 
To find out how you can respond to your customer reviews through Trustist please click here.

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