What to do With the Customer Feedback You’ve Collected

Done right, the communication you have between you and your customers can easily become one of the best marketing tools for your business.


Consumers love seeing companies listen to their customers, especially when they try and adapt the business to their preferences. But how can you actually demonstrate to the world that you’re making these changes?


In this article, we’re giving you a few tips on what you can do with the customer feedback you collect.



Look to Where you can Improve


Regardless of how hard you try to put yourself in your market’s shoes and think about what they’d want, customer’s will always have an idea to improve your product/service that you didn’t think of.


So, with this in mind, why not listen and learn from them?


This will not only impress customers with your willingness to implement their ideas, but this will also make you stand out from your competitors by having the reputation of a business that genuinely cares.


LEGO Ideas have demonstrated this perfectly. Fans of the company have been given the ability to submit their own ideas and designs to the website. There, projects are gathering more than 10,000 where LEGO will put them in for a review and, if approved, they’ll be turned into real sets that can be purchased!



Prevent Customer Attrition


Despite what the majority of companies may think, negative reviews are actually an opportunity to prevent customer attrition and encourage, or retain, a long-lasting relationship with them.


Unhappy customers just need a little more work. For example, phone them up or email them and try to understand exactly what their problem is. Making sure that you check on your existing clients is important too, feeling cared for and special is something that will always go noticed as it’s something customers really appreciate.


It’s important to remember that any customer that takes time out of their day to leave you a review means that they have a genuine interest in your product/service!



Employee Encouragement


Customer feedback is also a great weapon to motivate and compliment your staff.


For example, say there’s a particular aspect or feature about your business that customers seem to be responding well to, why not pass those compliments over to the member of staff whose idea it was, or built the feature? Having the rest of the team know about this is also a good way to create some healthy competition!

Reputations are built on happy customers

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