Trustist Guarantees to Increase Your Online Reputation

Your overall star-rating, your online reputation, is determined by all your stars put together and working out the average – hence why we aggregate your reviews so that you can see your online reputation at a glance rather than having to work it out!


But what can you do if your total isn’t what you thought or hoped it would be? How can you improve it in a short space of time?


Lucky for you, we have the answer!


The Easy Methods We Recommend


There are two very quick and easy ways that you can efficiently improve your online reputation; leaving you kicking yourself that you didn’t try them sooner!


The first thing you need to do is just ask your customers to leave a review – this might sound too obvious to be true, but we promise it will work wonders! This method works because, as unfortunate as it may be, people are more likely to feel compelled to leave a review without prompting after a bad experience rather than a good one. By asking all customers to write something, your reviews will skyrocket along with your online reputation!


The second method that we recommend is having multiple review collection options available. Each customer will not be in the same circumstance so one option may be more appealing than the other. For example, having a QR code printed in your venue means they can scan it their phone to leave a really quick review immediately after receiving the service. COVID-19 has actually led to a rise in the use of QR codes with them being put into use in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme and Test and Trace, so even more people are familiar with using them now.


How Trustist can Help You


We can help you to increase your star-rating – here’s how!


Customised URLs


  • When you sign up to Trustist, we make you a unique, customised URL that sends your customers to a white-labelled review screen when scanned. These URLs are easy to remember as it’s a simple format. For example, ours is:
  • Your unique URL can be used in any communication you have with clients, meaning you are increasing the opportunities for review collection including positive reviews from happy customers!


White-Label Review Screens


  • These are bespoke review screens that will be provided for each of your locations and your brand. They connect to your Google My Business listings, your Facebook pages, and any other review site that you would like to use for review collection.
  • You will also have a white-label review platform to help with review collection, with no login required for your customers. If your customers do not have a Gmail account, they can still easily leave you a review. These reviews will still be part of your star rating in your organic Google search results which will help you generate extra website traffic!
  • We are the only customer reviews platform that actively encourages your customers to leave you a review on Google and on other review platforms!



Branded QR Codes


  • We will provide you with a Trustist branded QR code that you can use to collect customer reviews. You will have a unique QR code for each of your locations and one for your brand.
  • Top Tip– Add your QR codes to your invoices and have them on posters in your branches to easily collect customer reviews. For more information on how you can use QR codes to increase your online reputation, click here.
Customer reviews QR code for boosting online reputation

Reputations are built on happy customers

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