Trustist Franchise Client Case Study – The Benefits of Stars in Natural Search Results

Here at Trustist we work with many different franchises across the world. We can help both the franchisees and the franchisors increase sales in different ways.

Trustist for Franchisees

Franchisees are able to have a Trustist account for their specific location, which aggregates all of the reviews they have collected from their clients into one place and gives them multiple easy methods to build their review base.

This aggregation is then displayed on their specific page/site within a Trustist widget, allowing potential customers to see their overall review count and rating score. This widget also adds Structured Data to the page, which tells Google all about the reviews and generates stars with the franchisees listings in natural search results.

Having stars in natural search results help listings to stand out from competition and increases the amount of traffic the listings receive, as shown in this case study.

Trustist for Franchise Recruitment

A Trustist franchise recruitment account can be used by franchisors to collect and aggregate reviews from their franchisees. These reviews are then displayed on the franchise recruitment pages/site through the Trustist widget.

Displaying the reviews from existing franchisees can help to attract potential franchisees and, along with the stars in natural search results generated by the Trustist widget, increase the enquiries received through the website.

Again, having stars in natural search results help listings to stand out which leads to an increase in the traffic received to the franchise recruitment pages.

Trustist on Franchise Directories

Franchises who have Trustist accounts are also able to display their aggregation of reviews in their directory listings on The Approved Franchise Association and Franchise Local websites. Not only does this allow the potential customers to see the overall review count and rating score in as many places as possible, it also means the clients are able to get stars in natural search results for their directory listing too!

The Client

For this case study, we will be looking at the results of a franchise offering children’s swimming lessons. This particular client uses Trustist for both their individual franchisees and also their franchise recruitment. At the time this data was recorded within Google Search Console, 15 of their franchisees were working with us on their review collection.

Since the data included in this article was recorded, more members of this franchise have joined Trustist in order to see the benefits of collecting and utilising feedback from their customers.

Increase in Clicks

The first set of data we looked at was how much the traffic had increased to the pages of the website which included the Trustist widget and, as a result of the widget, stars in their natural search results.

We did a comparison of October 2019 vs January 2020, as the three-month period would show us how much the traffic to the website had increased as a result of the stars in natural search results against their listings. From this comparison, we were able to see that the amount of clicks the pages received had increased by 44% across pages we were working with at the time. This is an amazing increase, from 17,800 clicks to 25,700 clicks!

An increase in clicks this large would most definitely lead to a noticeable change in the amount of business the franchisees were receiving through their web pages.

Franchisee Comparison

To show just how much the franchisees were benefitting from having stars in their natural search results, we also did a comparison of the clicks received by the 15 franchisees who were using Trustist vs 15 franchisees who were not using Trustist at the time.

This comparison allowed us to see that the franchisees who were already using Trustist averaged 80 clicks, which was considerably more than the 24 average clicks received for the franchisees not using Trustist. This information was also reflected in the overall clicks received by the franchisees who were not using Trustist. The franchisees who were not Trustist clients only received a total 367 clicks to their web pages, which was 231% less than the clicks through to the pages of the franchisees who were using Trustist!


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