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When choosing your review partner, it should go without saying that the company you choose to work with should be focussed 100% on you and helping you gain success through your online reviewsSadly, in some businesses’ experience, that is simply not always the case. That’s why, at Trustist, we proudly declare ourselves to be a customer focussed review platform but what, exactly, do we mean by that? 

Here’s an example. It’s come to our attention that some of our competitors often only get their customers stars for listings shown in their own directoriesNot us! We want the traffic to go directly to our customers’ sites to ensure they get all of the benefits of a pro-active online review strategy, so all our customers’ reviews are shown on their own website – not oursIt sounds simple but it’s vital to know where your reviews are going to be shown so do, please, ask that question before you sign up with any review provider. 

Further, we work with our customers to ensure they get additional online reviews and traffic through to their website (rather than our own) and we do this in several different ways; 

  1. Our onboarding process ensures that new clients get stared quickly and understand the process and what they need to do from day one
  2. Our customer service team are always available to answer any questions, refresh customers’ memories on how things are done and share our ‘How To’ guides
  3. We speak at numerous conferences sharing the news on how online reviews can help build businesses quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively
  4. We run training seminars on key aspects of the Trustist offer ensuring all customers can access information, ask questions and hear the very latest developments to help keep them at the top of their game 


With over 300 customer reviews of our own we’re clearly doing something right! Our most recent verified customer reviews include:

  • “Trustist are brilliant and always on hand to help.”
  • “We have used Trustist for a number of years and don’t hesitate to recommend them. It’s a fantastic way to bring your reviews together, it also makes it easy for your clients to leave a review as they don’t need to log into a Google or Facebook account. Not only that the Trustist team are helpful if you have any questions.”
  • “If you want speedy support then Trustist are your people. Andrianna has been amazingly helpful and has responded to my requests for support immediately. Fantastic service that goes above and beyond so I would highly recommend.”
  • “The best review platform available for users and reviewers. From a user perspective the support you get is first class and always very quick. Special mention to Andrianna and Ellie who have supported me, unbelievably, on my journey thus far.”
  • “Andrianna and Ellie have been so helpful for our business. Super speedy with replying to our emails and getting us set up with anything we need. The ‘How To’s’ and up to date marketing info is very clear, relevant and beneficial for our business and new franchisees that join us. 5 stars!”

You can read more of our reviews here or find out more about how we can help you grow your business through collecting and sharing your online reviews by booking a free demo here.

We look forward to being of service to you. 

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