The Making of our First Video Review: Bradleys Estate Agents

Video reviews can be a great way to capture customer sentiment. Written reviews and stars in search are great at generating sales opportunities by driving big increases in traffic to a website, and video reviews keep people engaged when they land on your website.

First, here is the video review:

Why did we Decide to Create a Video Review?


Forbes say that by 2021 every second 1,000,000 minutes or 17,000 hours of video content will be watched on the internet. 

Cisco say that by 2021 live video will account for 13% of all internet traffic (although given the repeated lockdowns we’re all seeing this number may well be higher than that). Certainly, within Trustist our video calls have gone from ‘nearly never’ to 15 – 20 video calls a day both internally and with clients.

Hubspot say that 81% of businesses are now using video for marketing and that 97% of marketers claim that videos help businesses understand product – you only have to look at Amazon to see that the world’s largest retailer uses video wherever possible. 

According to US video platform Vidyard who conducted a survey in 2019 amongst marketeers, the percentage that thought video content was either somewhat or far more important was 95%.




Different Content for Different Segments of Your Audience


Some of your potential customers may prefer to consume your news and content in written form, hence the importance of written reviews. Others, however, will prefer to watch and consume video as well.

Using written reviews together with the Trustist platform has many advantages including getting your listings Google stars in their search results, sending Structured Data to the page to get SEO benefits and the social broadcasting that the platform does for you.  Video on its own can’t do this for you.



How we Made our First Video Review


We teamed up with Nico Jones from Captain, and used their Capture Captain app – available on iOS and Android. Their promise is that it takes the hassle out of remote video production.  It does!  We talked about what we wanted to get out of the review and Nico and his team created a set of simple, customised filming tasks for one of our clients – Kai Logan of Bradleys Estate Agents.

Kai downloaded the app and entered a unique code to access the tasks.  The app then walked him through all the filming steps, including interview questions and gathering additional footage of his business. 

As soon as the filming was done, all footage was automatically sent to the Capture Captain team, who then got to work and produced the professional video above.  All that was needed was a client with a smartphone!  It couldn’t have been simpler.  No expensive video equipment and no need to hire a videographer!

Here’s a link to the Captain website, where you can give the app a try right now.  Alternatively, you can contact Nico at [email protected].

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