Should Customer Reviews be Part of Your Post-Lockdown SEO Strategy?

There have been more searches for the term “SEO Agency” on Google over the last few weeks than at any other point in the last five years.  As businesses start to return to normal, they are rightly so, trying to make up the lost ground during lockdown and are starting up their marketing activities again.  As more businesses start to increase their spend on SEO activities, businesses need to be inventive to remain competitive.

The collection and display of Google reviews is one integral part of a successful SEO strategy.  Google reviews have a phenomenal impact on your SEO, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t harness the power of reviews from elsewhere in Google search. 

Adam Dorfman at Search Engine Land reports that customer reviews on Google receive more attention than anywhere else because of the Giant’s “monopoly on search”. This is true, but it is also, therefore, why businesses should shout about their reviews from all other platforms in Google search and on their Google My Business Knowledge Cards. 

Customer Reviews in Organic Google Search

You can amplify the value of your reviews from anywhere around the web by using a customer reviews platform like Trustist.  We aggregate your customer reviews from everywhere and then use this data to get stars in your organic Google search results. 

Displaying your customer reviews in your organic Google search results yields huge SEO benefits because your click-through rate will increase, you’ll drive more traffic to your website, and you’ll be continuously updating your website with new and relevant content which Google loves to see.

Customer Reviews on Google My Business

We all know that you can collect Google reviews on your Google My Business listing, but Google’s monopoly on search gives yet another opportunity to shout about your customer reviews from other platforms.  With Trustist, you can make automatic posts to Google about your 4- and 5-star reviews from anywhere.

A high click-through rate from your Google My Business listing to your website is considered a ‘behavioural signal,” that is one of the key local search ranking factors for Google.  Hence, updating your Google posts with fresh content and review content to keep people coming to your website through your Google My Business listing, is another great way of improving your ranking in Google search and maintaining a strong SEO strategy with customer reviews at the forefront.

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