New Trustist Reviews Feature and the Power of Personalised Review Responses

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where businesses strive to stand out from the noise, the power of personalised communication cannot be underestimated. In a world known for sceptical consumers, being personal with your communication plays a pivotal role in creating a customer relationship that lasts.

With that in mind, we’ve created a brand-new feature for our clients that allows them to build their own custom response templates. This means they can:

Customers appreciate genuine and thoughtful interactions that go beyond generic responses. So, when a business takes the time to craft personalised replies, it signals genuine interest in customer feedback and satisfaction. In fact, studies have shown that 89% of consumers will read a business’ response to reviews both bad and good.

The impact of personalised replies extends far beyond mere customer engagement! As word-of-mouth recommendations still hold significant influence, a positive interaction with a business can lead to glowing reviews and referrals, further boosting a businesses’ reputation. Additionally, a good, personalised response can turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal advocate. By addressing specific concerns mentioned in a review, a business demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction, potentially converting a negative review into a positive one.

Unveiling Trustist Reviews’ Newest Dashboard Feature

In the context of our newest feature within the Trustist Reviews dashboard, personalised replies take on a new level of significance. Through our latest addition, businesses gain the power to create customised response templates by using our tool which has been specifically designed to empower users to reply to customer reviews with nuance and a personal touch. 

It’s important to note that this new feature isn’t intended to replace genuine, personalised replies to reviews. Instead, it serves as a tool for streamlining the process. We understand the demands faced by our users, especially those with bustling schedules, so the purpose of our new functionality is to simplify the response process, enabling even our busiest clients to engage with all of their reviews.

A Glimpse Into the Feature

With this new addition, Trustist Reviews users now have the ability to create personalised review response templates. These templates can be created to address specific star ratings and customer sentiments. Businesses can create replies for glowing five-star reviews or a constructive four-star critique. The ability to create customised responses for varying scenarios empowers businesses to maintain authenticity whilst enhancing efficiency. 

Getting Started

Creating custom review replies within the Trustist Reviews dashboard is easy! The settings can be found within the left sidebar of your Trustist account.

Understanding Reply Tags

One of the key elements to keep in mind when creating custom replies is understanding the Reply Tags. 

Reply Tags are placeholders that dynamically insert specific information into your responses, such as:

·       Review Name

·       Brand Name

·       Location Name

·       Phone Number

·       Respondent Name

·       Email

By incorporating these dynamic elements, your responses gain a touch of individuality, reinforcing the sense of genuine engagement.

Choosing the Right Tone

When creating your templates, consider the tone that aligns with your brand identity. Whether your business exudes a friendly, casual vibe or maintains a formal, professional voice, ensure that your responses reflect this tone. The consistency in your brand voice across all interactions, including review replies, contributes to a cohesive and memorable customer experience.

 Addressing Different Star Ratings

You’ll have the ability to create replies tailored to specific star rating reviews. 

For a glowing five-star review, your response can exude gratitude and appreciation. For a four-star review, you may want your response to remain positive whilst addressing any concerns mentioned. By acknowledging the sentiment explicitly, you show that you value both positive feedback and areas for improvement if possible, fostering a sense of authenticity. 

When using these templates to reply to a review, you always have the chance to go in and add any extra personalisation where needed!

Customising Responses for Brands and Locations

For businesses with multiple locations, tailoring responses according to brand and location levels adds another layer of customisation to the reply process.

Trustist Reviews’ custom reply templates operate at two distinct levels: brand and location. Here’s how they function:

Brand level responses:

  • Created by brand level users within the Trustist Reviews dashboard

  • Accessible to all location level users within the brand (for use only, they can’t be edited by location level users)

  • Provide a unified approach to responses, ensuring consistent communication across all locations under the same brand umbrella

Location level responses:

This dual-tiered approach not only maintains brand consistency, it also allows for flexibility for location adaptation. By leveraging this feature, multi-location businesses can create a harmonious blend of centralised brand identity and localised customer engagement, fostering meaningful connections with their customer base

  • Crafted by specific location level users unique to that particular location


  • Allow individual locations to create responses tailored to their specific customer base, ensuring a localised and personalised touch

Don’t Sacrifice Customer Service

As a busy professional, your time is extremely valuable. The purpose of these custom reply templates is to help you manage your interactions efficiently without compromising quality. By investing time in crafting well-thought-out templates initially, you set the foundation for streamlined, yet personalised, responses. This balance between efficiency and quality ensures that you can engage with a higher volume of reviews while maintaining the authenticity of your interactions.

Streamlining the Response Process

Now that you’ve created your response templates, let’s explore how this feature can work within your review management. 

Navigating the Dashboard

 When you click on a review, you’ll notice a new dropdown menu featuring your custom review reply templates just above the text box where you type your replies – this is where you can choose the most appropriate template for the specific review at hand.

Selecting the Right Custom Reply

As you read through each review, consider the tone and content of the customer’s review. Based on the star rating and nature of the review, select the corresponding custom reply from the dropdown. For instance, a glowing, five-star review would warrant the template you created focussed on just expressing gratitude, whilst a review with some constructive criticism could be addressed with a reply showcasing your commitment to customer satisfaction and problem solving.

Adding a Personal Touch 

While the templates you create provide a structured framework, don’t hesitate to personalise your responses further if necessary! Where necessary, include specific details from the customer’s review, such as the service they used or any comments they’ve made. 

By incorporating these elements into your template-based response, you reinforce the authenticity of your reply, demonstrating that you genuinely value each customer’s experience – don’t forget that you will always have the chance to add to your response before posting the reply.

Saving Time, Preserving Quality

The beauty of this feature lies in its ability to streamline the response process without sacrificing the quality of your interactions. By selecting the appropriate template, you eliminate the need to craft each response from scratch, significantly reducing the time spent on each individual reply. This efficiency ensures that you can address a higher volume of review promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction and demonstrating your dedication to excellent service!


By acknowledging the significance of personalised communication and embracing the new possibilities offered by our latest Trustist Reviews feature, businesses can elevate their customer engagement strategies to unprecedented heights. Each review becomes an opportunity to showcase dedication, gratitude and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

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