How will QR Codes be Used Post-COVID-19?

Despite being around for years, during COVID-19 QR codes enjoyed something of a renaissance. In fact, you could go as far as to say that COVID-19 has given new purpose to the much-maligned QR codes as they’ve taken their place as a rather elegant enabler of contactless commerce. Businesses have used QR Codes for contactless communication with their customers for example menu access, bookings, payments and, always our primary interest, collecting online reviews.


But what does the future hold for QR codes? Are they here to stay or have they been useful and it’s back to business as usual? We believe that QR codes have proved so useful to individuals and businesses that they’re here to stay! They do, after all, connect the digital world to the physical and that’s incredibly powerful. Take, for example, contactless payment. Restaurant goers can order, eat and then pay without having to ask for the bill – all through QR codes. QR codes have proved to be quick and efficient, customers don’t have to remember their pin code and, in a world where COVID-19 and its variants still very much exist, reduces the risk of contamination and infection by offering touch-free payments.


Retailers are also starting to use QR codes within their retail shopfronts giving passers-by the opportunity to purchase items right from the street after viewing photos and videos digitally. A great way for retailers to create extra online relationships with their customers!


But how do QR codes assist businesses in collecting online reviews? Well, when scanned QR codes can take your customers to a dedicated landing page where they can immediately leave you an online review. They can also opt-in to receive your fabulous offers and other information you want to share with them enabling you to keep in touch with them. By using QR codes you can enhance your customer’s experience of working with you / purchasing from you by offering them the opportunity, right at the point of sale, to leave you a review and share their feedback with others. Simple, powerful, effective.


We absolutely believe that COVID-19 has really showcased how relatively simple technology like QR Codes can almost overnight become one of the building blocks businesses can use in a world that has otherwise turned upside down. QR codes are here to stay!

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