How To Get More Google Reviews For Your Business

Google reviews

It is well known that people care about what other customers think about a business’ product or service more so than sales messaging directly from the brand. Knowing how much weight social proof has Google has factored this into their local ranking algorithm- making it a vital consideration for businesses. Getting more Google reviews can be an effective way to improve your online reputation, attract new customers and get a higher position on Google search result pages.

Whilst the number of reviews is important, with people preferring to read several reviews before making a judgement, it is also quality reviews that businesses need to aim for. Negative reviews can have a huge impact on online reputation and can limit the ability to acquire new customers. Here is how to get more positive Google reviews for your business.

Understand The Process


Whilst the process is easy, it’s important to understand it so you can provide customers a quick explanation on how to do it. The customer has to open Google Maps, search for your business, click on your Google My Business profile, scroll down the reviews section, and then click “write a review”.

Make It Easy For Customers To Leave A Review


Why not make it even easier to leave reviews by providing a QR code for your customers to scan or add a link to your website? The easier and more convenient the process is, the more likely they will leave a positive review.

Remember To Ask Your Customers To Leave A Review


The simplest way to get more Google reviews is to ask your customers to leave one. Whilst this is simple, it is easy to forget. Have it as part of your sales process to ask for a review and ensure all members of staff do it. QR codes, links on websites, or providing review cards are all great ways to encourage reviews.

Create A Google Review Email Campaign 


Email marketing is another effective way to get more Google business reviews. Be straight to the point that you want a review and make the process clear and concise. A lot of people are happy to leave a review so don’t worry about asking directly. In many cases, customers will be happy to help.

Ask For Reviews On Social Media 


Social media is a great place for conversational marketing. Share your best reviews and ask customers to leave feedback, highlighting the importance of their opinion. Make sure you provide a simple shortcut they can use. It is important to remember that Facebook has its own review system and whilst Facebook reviews are also good, if it’s specifically Google you are aiming for, make this clear.

Add A Google Link Review In Your Email Signature 


Your email signature is a great place to add a review link. It means everyone who you contact gets sent the link and is a subtle way of asking for a review.

Respond To Existing Reviews


Responding to existing reviews, even negative ones, can show potential customers that you care about their experience and are committed to providing excellent service. When you reply, it shows you are acknowledging their comment and appreciate them spending time leaving a review. Consider your responses carefully as the best response can lead to more reviews in the future.

Positive reviews- be specific, quick to respond, and grateful for their positive feedback.

Negative reviews- respond quickly and politely, offering a solution to their problem. Whilst the reviewer may not be happy, your polite response will come across well to others. It can even help turn a negative review into a positive one.

Follow Up With Customers


After a customer makes a purchase, follow up with them a few days later to ask how their experience was and if they would be willing to leave a review. When it’s an established part of your after sales care, asking for reviews can be something that starts to become natural for your company.

Remember, the key to getting more Google reviews is to provide excellent customer service and create a positive experience for your customers that they can easily provide feedback on. By doing so, you’ll encourage them to share their experience with others and help grow your business.

Getting more reviews is a simple, low-cost strategy that can reap long-term rewards. Now you know how to get more Google reviews for your business, it is an important time to have reviews as a key part of your local marketing strategy. Not sure where to start when it comes to collecting Google reviews? Trustist is here to help. We understand that Google reviews can seriously help benefit a business in terms of their online presence and overall reputation. By using Trustist, customers can choose to write their review on a range of review sources, including Google.

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