How can Awards Make a Difference to Your Business?

As you may or may not know, at Trustist we run our own Awards recognising the magnificent efforts of our clients in running (and benefiting from the running) of their online review strategies. Our second set of Awards will take place in early 2022, so do keep your eyes peeled for more information on the Trustist Awards both here on our blogs, as well as on our social media feeds.


As excited as we are about our Awards, this blog is actually about the difference making the finals, let alone winning an award, can make to your business. Contrary to what some people believe – that entering an award is all about giving your ego a good old airing – entering (and winning!) awards is perhaps one of the best kept secrets and most powerful strategies in business and helps businesses to:

  • Gain more customers/clients
  • Retain customers/clients
  • Retain employees
  • Attract new employees
  • Increase staff motivation
  • Attract external investment into your business


How does entering and winning an award do this?


Winning an award from a well-respected award organiser helps each business to raise their profile and further enhance their reputation because they are effectively being significantly endorsed for what they do and how they do it by a reputable third party. Put it this way – no-one would expect you to say anything other than how good you are and how wonderful your products and/or services are. Why would you say anything other than that?


However, to hear that a prestigious award has judged your nomination and found you to be, for instance, the best deliverer of a specific service, to have the best reviews in your location/for your sector, to have grown the most significantly in the previous year etc. That’s powerful. You’ve gone up against the best and have won! Congratulations!


Now, winning is one thing but talking about it really does seal the deal. If potential new customers/clients visit your social media feeds and/or your website/Google My Business page and see that you’re an award winner, or even a multi-award winner, is incredibly compelling. They will feel that you have been assessed and found to be the best and that will imbue your potential customer/client with confidence. Armed with that confidence they may very well go on to buy from you. Not only that but businesses who talk about their awards are adding fresh new content to their website/Google My Business page and that, over time, will translate into additional traffic to your site as people are able to find you more easily through increased visibility courtesy of improved SEO. It’s a win: win friends and its fun too! As someone we know very well says, “Entering and winning awards is the most fun you can have whilst you double or even triple your turnover!”


So, what are you waiting for? Keep working hard to collect your reviews and you may be in with a chance of winning a Trustist award in 2022!

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