Guest Post: CRO and Experimentation Agency Wins Top of Google With Trustist

Leading CRO and experimentation agency, AWA, shows just how far reaching the benefits of reviews can be for business.

With a superb 5-star review rating, AWA has used customer reviews to improve organic visibility, increase organic click through rate and generate enterprise new business enquiries.

Google Rich Snippets

Customer reviews were collated using Trustist which enabled the star ratings to be pulled into Google search results and for customer reviews to be displayed on the website.

The reviews were able to appear within the organic search engine results page of Google by using Google Rich Snippets. This meant that the star rating and the total number of reviews this was based on appeared in applicable Google searches.

Below is an example of how AWA’s organic result appears when utilising reviews in Rich Snippets:


The visual appearance of the reviews result draws the searcher’s eye, particularly if no other search competitors have taken advantage of reviews in Rich Snippets. Once the searcher is drawn to look at AWA’s search result there is a good chance that they will notice the five gold star customer rating, providing elements of “social proof” before the potential buyer may have had any interaction with the brand or visited the website.

Social proof describes a psychological influence where people use information provided by their peers in order to reflect correct social behaviour. So reviews act as endorsements by other buyers, becoming valuable evidence of trust that reassures potential customers they are making the right decision.

Increase in Traffic

The visual differentiation and social proof, increased AWA’s chances of “winning the click” from the search engine results page, which increased the click through rate. The implementation of reviews in Rich Snippets contributed to a 25% year on year increase in organic click through rate for AWA.

The impact of the Trustist reviews being featured in the Google search results has also contributed to benefits for the overall AWA digital marketing and SEO strategy.

Since the Trustist reviews have appeared in Rich Snippets, AWA is now found at the top number one position in Google for keywords including “CRO and experimentation agency”, “conversion rate optimisation agency” and “experimentation agency”.

The implementation of Trustist reviews on the AWA website has also had additional benefits for driving online conversions and enquiries. The Trustist logo, reviews and ratings were placed in prominent positions on the AWA website, such as in the footer which is visible on every page. Following the implementation of the Trustist reviews on the website, AWA generated new business enquiries from their target clients of enterprise buyers within the retail and tech sectors.

Reviews are undoubtedly a critical factor in the customer’s decision to purchase and Trustist provides AWA with the ability to showcase their 5 star ratings at every available step of the journey.

About AWA

AWA digital specialises in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Experimentation. Since 2008, AWA has helped businesses such as Canon, Avis and Interflora to generate millions of pounds in additional revenue using the AWA methodology. The AWA Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Experimentation process makes iterative improvements based on user research and testing, to increase online and offline sales performance.

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