Guest Post by Roy Dovaston Trustist – The Missing Piece to the SEO Puzzle

Author: Roy Dovaston – Heavyweight Digital

At Heavyweight Digital we have a team of digital marketing experts who utilize cutting edge technology to deliver business growth to clients through search. We work with both local and nationwide businesses, using SEO to improve click through rate, boost leads and increase sales.  

Our experts do this through designing campaigns which allow businesses to appear for Ads and organic search on page 1 of Google, to give them a greater chance of generating conversions from both. In many industries there can be a great deal of competition to overcome before achieving 1st page results, making it a somewhat difficult and lengthy process for many businesses.  

Our current process involves identifying and targeting the keywords that drive enquiries and sales for our client’s businesses. This process has a proven track record of achieving 1st page results, however we are always looking for new techniques to incorporate, to make it more efficient and effective.  

Whether it’s local or nationwide SEO there is one key thing in common; generating trust in a business has never played such an important part in creating 1st page results. 

How has Trustist Helped our SEO Strategy?

Trustist enables us to make our clients paid ads and organic search results that little bit better and stand out from competitors. Not only does Trustist accumulate all our clients’ reviews from multiple different sources in one easy to access location, it also allows us to insert star ratings based upon these reviews into organic search listings.  

By providing a method of integrating reviews and star ratings into search listings, Trustist has drawn potential customers to clicking our client’s sites, by enabling them to stand out from competitors and making customers instantly more likely to trust their businesses.  

The benefits of Trustist do not stop there, generating increased traffic to our client’s websites is something which is picked up by Google, who then are likely to increase the site rating and search result ranking.  

Essex Exterior Cleaning – Increased Visibility and a Number 1 Ranking with Trustist

Likewise with any service based business, reviews are important and play a key part in a customer’s decision making process, this is why Trustist has been great for Essex Exterior Cleaning. 


Essex Exterior Cleaning are a residential and commercial exterior cleaning business based in Essex who have found Trustist to be of great benefit to their business for a number of reasons. Not only does the 5 star rating draw attention of potential customers to the search listing, it also provides first hand opinions of past customers who have used the service.  

Although Essex Exterior Cleaning have appeared on page 1 of organic search listings for some time, Trustist has given their listing that extra edge and has generated a noticeable increase in the number of leads that have been generated through organic traffic. The effects of this have then been replicated by Google, leading to a 1st place search ranking. 

Reputations are built on happy customers

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