Guest Blog – The Property Jungle: Generating More Business With Reviews and Sticky Websites


Great reviews are always welcome. They’re a fantastic morale booster for you and your team, as well as a strong performance indicator; however, are yours actually helping you increase organic website traffic and is your website actively working to convert visitors when they get there?

As a website producer with over 2,800 sites built and nearly 20 years building websites for property professionals, we understand the importance of leveraging your reviews online to generate more business.

Good reviews, well managed and shared appropriately can help increase your organic Google listings, raise awareness of your brand and increase organic traffic to your website.

Of course, getting people to your website is one thing, actively converting site visitors into people you can do business with is another.

Stopping web visitors from leaving your website, before they have completed an action that will actively convert them from an anonymous web surfer into a hot lead, is essential and a lot of this comes down to how sticky your website is.

Done right, a sticky website could provide you with more leads and conversions than your hardest working team member, will work 24/7 and can help streamline your processes. 

So, what makes a sticky website?

A sticky website is one that engages visitors and provides them with plenty of tools and information that sign-post and guide visitors, giving them no need to go leave the site to find any further information as the site has everything they could possibly need, all in one place. A sticky site is not only a great way to capture and convert visitors, they’re also a great way to attract them in the first place.

To further enhance the stickiness of a site, adding plenty of product and team information, and testimonial videos can work really well. Packing your site with plenty of content users might want to know about will help increase your Google ranking, as will news articles and blogs about what’s going on in your industry and area can significantly boost your search engine appeal as well. Plus, they are great to share on social media to increase traffic to your website even further.

For Estate Agents a Sticky Site should include (where applicable):

  •     Moving Guides for vendors, buyers
  •     Banner Adverts on property search results page – A lot of your buyers also have properties to sell.
  •     Selling Guide
  •     Landlord Guide and Responsibilities
  •     Tenant Guide and Responsibilities
  •     Area Guides
  •     Blogs/News Articles
  •     Valuation Tools (Expert and Instant)
  •     Repair and Maintenance Reporting
  •     Stamp Duty, Mortgage & Conveyancing Calculators
  •     Testimonials/Reviews
  •     Meet the Team
  •     Plenty of prominent Calls to Action on every page
  •     Easy-to-follow navigation leading visitors around the site

Making sure you have a well-designed, well built, industry compliant website is a must in today’s fast-paced business world. Built using our industry-renowned web development technology, every one of our template designs is produced with buyer experience in mind. Not to mention they are battle tested to the max and will cost you less than a couple of takeaway coffees and a blueberry muffin every week. 


If you’d like to know more about our template websites or bespoke options, you can book a demo here.

Steve Ryan, National Sales Director, The Property Jungle

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