Franchise Recruitment – How Trustist® Can Help


Trustist® already help over 30 different franchisors with their franchise recruitment by giving them the ability to collect reviews from their existing franchisees which can then be used to attract customers to their franchise recruitment pages.

Seeing the feedback from existing franchisees can show prospective franchisees the benefits of owning a franchise, which can often encourage them to make contact through the website.

Collecting Reviews From Franchisees

Through a Trustist® franchise recruitment account, there are multiple different methods that can be used to collect reviews from your franchisees. You are also able to collect reviews from any review source you have a listing on and they will all be brought into your Trustist® account.

Reviews can be collected via email, text, social media or however you usually communicate with your franchisees. You can also save your unique review collection link on a smart phone or tablet to collect reviews from your franchisees face-to-face which is particularly useful at conferences.

The reviews you collect are then automatically brought into your Trustist® account, where you can monitor your reputation in one place. There are also other features available within your account that allow you to get more out of your reviews by responding to them and sharing them across your social media accounts.

Display Your Reviews on Your Website

Trustist® supply you with some small pieces of code for your website which display a widget on each of your franchise recruitment pages that updates in real-time. This widget shows the overall review count and rating score of your reviews from all review sources, and when clicked takes the user through to view the full list of your reviews.

Trustist® also have additional widgets that can be used to display your reviews directly on your franchise recruitment pages. The first being the Display Reviews Widget which shows your entire list of reviews on the page and is updated each time you collect a new review. Another option for this is the Slider Widget which cycles through your most recent reviews on your page and is also updated in real-time.

Get Stars in Your Natural Search Results for Franchise Recruitment

The widgets on your franchise recruitment pages add Structured Data to the pages, which tells Google all about the reviews you have collected from your franchisees. This Structured Data then causes Google to display stars against your franchise recruitment listings in natural search results.


These stars make your listings more attractive and help you to stand out from competitors in natural search results, which helps to generate an increase in the amount of clicks your franchise recruitment pages receive.

One of our franchisors recently experienced a 129% increase in the amount of impression their franchise recruitment pages received as a result of working with us. Impressions are the amount of times a listing appears in a user’s search results, and when this is combined with the stars in natural search results it can then lead to an increase in clicks too. This was proven by the 38% increase in clicks to the franchise recruitment pages in natural search results.


Google My Business for Franchise Recruitment

Creating a franchise recruitment Google My Business allows you to take up even more space in Google, which means you are increasing the chances that a prospective franchisee finds you! You can also show off how much your existing franchisees like owning a franchise by collecting Google reviews from them.

When you create the listing, it is important to ensure you include the best search term for your business in the title. For help on deciding which search term is best to use, please take a look at our article all about Google Trends.

The listing should be as complete as possible, including your business name, contact details, opening hours and any pictures you may have. To ensure you are getting the most out of your Google My Business listing please take at this article.

When prospective franchisees find your listing, it is also important to make sure they are taken through to the correct place. For this reason, you should make sure the ‘website’ on your Google My Business listing links straight through to your franchise recruitment page/website.


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