Children’s Activities Association Webinar – ‘Using Reviews as Part of Your Marketing Strategy’

Why are Reviews Important?

Reviews are always important but especially during times of economic crisis they can be a fundamental part of an online marketing strategy. Having feedback from your customers creates an additional layer of trust which can be used to reassure potential clients of your service during uncertain times. 

On November 26th our CEO, Nigel Apperley, and Director, Head of Online of Coconut Creatives, Adam Lovelock held a thirty minute webinar in partnership with the Children’s Activities Association over Zoom and a Facebook livestream explaining how reviews should be part of any business’ marketing strategy. 

Watch the Webinar

If you missed this seminar you can find the recording below. Alternatively, you can head to our linked social media accounts where the video has been posted too!

Reputations are built on happy customers

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